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Love Sheet
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Price PHP1,080.00

Love Sheet is just what you need to spice up the bedroom. Take it with you anywhere to play with your partner for non-stop fun and sessions.

Sex Yoga Chair
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Price PHP1,260.00

This yoga ball is designed for better sex for adventurous couples. Great for switching angles, easy access, and a sexy bounce.

Bonbon - toughage
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Price PHP1,680.00

Be chill and relax with our Bonbon from Touhage. It have have a hole can be inserted by a vibrator to add pleasure in a hot exciting  sex escapade. Very comfortable. 

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Toughage Body Bouncer A
In Stock
Price PHP4,200.00

Boring to your sex routine. This product  will let you explore your imagination. It will give all the different style and offer a new sensual experience possible. 

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Toughage Hacker Knight Bouncer
In Stock
Price PHP5,250.00

Toughage Hacker Knight Bouncer will is the appropriate platform to use to get you and your partner going. Have sex with the utmost passion you can express and fill up the room with excitement and love.

Inflatable Forbidden Love...
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Price PHP3,150.00

If you've ever hankered after dungeon furniture but don't have the space then this inflatable bondage chair is perfect for you. Compact sex furniture with four restraints for tying down your loving other half. It's wipe clean too, so prepare to get messy

Toughage Wedge/Ramp
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Price PHP6,000.00

This inflatable Wedge/Ramp Combo is the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Toughage 2 in 1 Bouncer
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Price PHP4,200.00

simple to use. You are gonna love your sex life from now on. It offer you unique feel, come on! Popular, non-pornographic lovemaking props. The new furniture will change people's sex Life Have an experience makeing love on the moon Enjoy comfy sex for old people, pregnant woman and arthritic pepole Enjoy wild sex for health people.

Toughage Fantasy Swing
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Price PHP16,500.00

Toughage Fantasy Swing is a sex furniture for home, motel or night club. It can spice up your love making to the next level!

An incredible sex fruniture that use Latex Stretch string. No worries about carrying your partner because it helps you take control of your partner

Toughage Ramp-G
There are not enough products in stock
Price PHP4,000.00

Slanted positioning pillows allow for limitless positions and are designed to work together or apart for even more variety.

On sale!
Reciprocal Swing
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Price PHP7,500.00

 This is very  heart shake God's love swing stuff! Since its launch wide popularity.  This product is safe to use, practical and convenient collection. It is designed in accordance with ergonomic prinsiple, can transform any 108 kinds of position,usually in bed.

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Showing 1-14 of 14 item(s)