List of products by brand Qita Doll

Established in 2016 , Shenyang QITA Science and Trade Co. , Ltd. is a domestic first-class entity doll manufacturer jointly created by Shenyang Style Advertising and Shenyang Jintu Design.

Shenyang Style Advertising is the most elite sales team in Northeast China .

Shenyang Jintu Design is the leading city sculpture and wax image production company in China. The exhibits are displayed in large exhibition halls such as Xinjiang Xiaobulake Museum, Tacheng Museum, Changchun Integrity Education Base, and the gold figure design also has excellent special effects makeup. The team, which also makes QITA entity dolls have great advantages in terms of face, makeup and other aspects relative to other manufacturers. After fully combining the advantages of the R&D team and the sales team, QITA Science and Trade has created Linghan , Qianai and other explosive models of doll products in just one year, becoming the leading doll manufacturer in China.