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Price PHP1,250.00

Do not underestimate the power of this little massager, for it's flexible head might take revenge on your clitoris. Made of smooth coating material and has highly effective vibrations to please you as long as you want.

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Pretty Love Hiram
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Price PHP1,635.00

Experience the full power of Pretty Love Hiram. This mini massager offers 30 powerful vibrations, you have to feel it to believe it. Direct it to your intimate areas for incredible stimulation.

Pretty Love Len
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Price PHP1,635.00

A massager with special edges that gives you extra stimulation while playing solo or with partner.

Pretty Love Arvin
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Price PHP1,760.00

Pretty Love Arvin will tease you the right way with its 30 modes of vibration. Reach the satisfaction you've always been yearning for, its smooth and sleek design is luxurious and simple to use.

Pretty Love Wade
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Price PHP1,800.00

Unrivalled sensuality and stimulation are yours with Pretty Love Wade in its silken silicone form, surrender to wave upon wave of blissful sensation.

Pretty Love Grace
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Price PHP1,840.00

Smooth and flexible, Pretty Love Grace feels delightful when stimulating pretty much any part of the body

Mushroom Massager
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Price PHP2,400.00

Unrivaled sensuality and stimulation are yours with the Mushroom Massager. Mini, cute, and portable, indulge in its silken silicone form, and surrender to wave upon wave of blissful sensation.

Romance Swan
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Price PHP2,500.00

Romance Swan sucks, vibrates, and tickles. Ergonomically formed to perfectly fit the contours of your pussy, it gets to work blending suction with stimulation to bring you heightened sensitivity and pleasurable orgasms.

Pretty Love Lion
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Price PHP2,810.00

Relax your muscles and achieve full body satisfaction with this Rechargeable Wand Vibrator. Direct the smooth silicone head to wherever you desire and explore the 30 powerful vibration modes for a climactic release.

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Showing 1-15 of 28 item(s)