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 What’s more impressive are the number of masturbation devices that have been sold. It may seem like the market is flooded, it’s NOT. Men are buying these products because they deliver.The pursuit of innovation has to have been the driving force behind the Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker. This unique device promises a variety of sensations with two locations where a vibrating bullet can be placed. Enamored to be sent one of these unique strokers, I gave my stressful afternoon a much needed release. Could the Apollo take me to a new galaxy of pleasure ?
  • Case Count: 12
  • Bulk Weight: 2.4(oz) / 0.07(kg)
  • 6” x 2.5”/15.25 cm x 6.25 cm (stroker)
  • 2.25” x .75”/5.75 cm x 2 cm (stimulator)
  • Soft, tight, stretchy stroker with removable vibrating stimulator
  • 7 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation
  • Textured stroker is reversible for added sensations
  • Choose your perfect stimulation position – top, side or use it independently
  • Stroker may be used with or without stimulator
  • Easy push button control – hold for 3 seconds to turn off
  • TPR (stroker) ABS with Silver Plating (stimulator)
  • Batteries included (3 watch, 6 included)

The Product

The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker is packaged in an attractive blue box. The packaging has a picture of the product with ‘ Wireless 7-Function Stroker ‘ and ‘ Pick Your Perfect Position for Powerful Stimulation ‘ on the front. The side of the box lists the features in 5 languages with instructions on how to turn the product on and the batteries included message. At the top of the box sites the Calexotics logo. The back of the box has a picture of the stroker with arrows that show the areas where a user can place the bullet . There is a picture of the inner chamber. ‘ Waterproof ‘ , ‘ 3 Watch Size Batteries ‘ and the levels of stimulation logo. Product registration information is located at the bottom. The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker is made from a jelly like material that is easy to squeeze. The Adonis Vibrating Stroker is 6 inches long and 2.25 inches in diameter. The bullet attachment is placed inside the loop at the top and on the side of the toy. The battery pack is where the 3 wallet sized batteries are placed to used the vibration features. By clicking on the bullet seven times, you can choose which vibration, pulsation and/or escalation feels comfortable for personal use. Holding the button for three seconds turns off the stroker .


How it Works

To use the stroker, It is best to first clean off the toy with cleaner or soft soap. Unscrew the battery pack. Place 3 batteries in the bullet according to the instructions provided in the package. Screw the cap on the battery pack. Slide the bullet in the top or side loop. Choose a water based lubricant. Tiger Lubricant was used for this review. Be sure to place an ample amount in the stroker. Place more lubricant on your penis. Slowly slide your erect penis into the stroker. Now press the control button on the vibrator to activate. Enjoy. Once done, rinse out the stroker. Remove the batteries. I suggest placing the toy back in the box for optimal storage.


My Experience

When I opened the box from Calexotics, I thought I was seeing double. The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker looked like the Adonis Vibrating Stroker. The thought crossed my mind that the company was just recycling ideas. I was pleasantly corrected when I examined the box to discover this stroker was wireless, came with batteries and had two locations where a vibrating bullet could be placed. Knowing Calexotics has very powerful bullets, I was in for one hell of a ride.

I wanted to get off as soon as possible. I placed the Apollo in the sink for a soak while reading the instructions. They were very easy to follow. Within a few seconds, the batteries in the bullet. One push of the button and the powerful buzz began. I found the third setting ideal. With a new bottle of  Tiger Lubricant open and my hormones racing, there was only one thing to do.

I poured an adequate amount of Tiger Lubricant on my erect dick sensually stroking it anticipating my launch. More lubricant was placed in the textured cylinder. I rolled the stroker around to ensure that every area was coated. I placed the bullet in the side loop. I closed my eyes as I slipped my throbbing snake inside the Apollo. Mission control was doing final checks while I began to stroke. With each movement the vibrations sent shivers through my body. The countdown had started, T minus 40 seconds. I felt the texture tease the head of my cock. I stroked in small circular motions to increase the pleasure. T minus 20 seconds… My nipples beckoned me to twist them applying increased pressure. A moan began to escape between pants of ecstasy. T minus 10 seconds… My breathing heavy… body leaking jet fuel. There is no way I will be able to abort my launch. 5…4…3…2 ..1 . OOOOHHH !!!

My rocket was released from the dock and was taking me the milky way. As my body continued to pulse, rocket fuel began to fill the stroker. I was no longer in control. The G force left me listless as I started my voyage to a land of pleasure. I closed my eyes and surrendered. I don’t remember the descent but I know I went where no one had gone before.



The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker provides dual pleasure during masturbation. The bullet is able to be felt throughout the entire toy. I love the fact that you can choose where to place the bullet. This allows you to find the position that provides the best stimulation. Once you find a setting that feels good, you can relax and enjoy your masturbation session. The inner chamber has a texture that is long enough to provide stimulation on your entire penis. This increases the sensation and brings you to orgasm faster than you can imagine. Simply squeezing the Apollo adds another level of pleasure. The Apollo is very easy to clean due to its design. You can rinse it out very quickly which keeps every session clean. It is very easy to turn the Apollo on and off. This was a pleasing surprise. One of the best features of this product are the batteries that are included. This one design allows you to start using the product as soon as you get it. The instructions inside the box are easy to understand and follow. If you want to take your pleasure to the next level, you can add another bullet to give you one of the most intense leg shaking orgasms you could imagine.



The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker has very few challenges. The width of the toy has a diameter that is larger than most men. Some men would see this as a challenge but by squeezing the Apollo while it is on your shaft will provide a simple fix. I do feel that although the second loop provide an amazing area for pleasure, some men may find this a challenge because they would want to use the Apollo in a reversible fashion. A sample of lubricant would provide a great addition to the package.


The Decision

The Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker is a well designed masturbation device that solves the issues other vibrating strokers have: chords. The wireless design allows a man to be able to masturbate to their hearts content without worry about getting tangled and pulling the vibrating bullet out of the loop hole. This toy is great for men who have larger bodies along with those that are well endowed. You are able to be pleasured entirely. Smaller men can enjoy the same benefit by squeezing the product during use. This stroker is very easy to clean. You simply rinse , wipe the inside and store in the box. Using a premium lubricant like Tiger Lubricant eliminated the need to reapply. This toy is made from a material that allows you to use less lubricant than other models. While the Apollo resembles the Adonis Vibrating stroker, you are getting a completely different experience. This product makes a wonderful addition to your toy box. Men looking for a flesh like material will need to choose the COLT Gear Man Butt Masturbator. But the material does provide a soft feel that brings powerful orgasms. If you are looking for a masturbation toy that is great for travel or feeling the need to add vibrations to your experience, the Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker will fulfill you erotic needs.


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