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Penis Butt Plug
In Stock
Price PHP340.00

Strong and firm Penis Butt Plug will light your inner passion anytime and anywhere. 

Bendable Dildo
In Stock
Price PHP425.00

humane designed to produce high-quality medical soft, material moderate hardness, smooth feel comfortable, will not hurt your delicate skin. Massage privates wall, humane meet the needs of the most abundant sex gives you a lightning swept systemic dumb pleasure!

Flexi Vibe Sensual Spine
There are not enough products in stock
Price PHP610.00

Reach and tickle your desired love spots with bendable Flexi Vibe Sensual Spine.

Rockin Dong
There are not enough products in stock
Price PHP625.00

A realistic vibrating dildo made with medical tpr. affordable and strong vibrate!

Double Dong
In Stock
Price PHP960.00

Get wicked  with this double headed pleasure toy! This solid jelly will keep you and your company enjoying all night long.

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Glitters Boy
In Stock
Price PHP990.00

Glitters vibrating dildo,Multi-Speed Vibrations, Waterproof,Phthalate Free.2AA batteries

Gun Sex Machine Dildo...
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Price PHP1,000.00

Discover thrilling, thrusting action with this extra bendable dildo for your sex gun machine.

8" Real Feel
In Stock
Price PHP1,040.00

8" Vibrating Dildo, feel like a real penis!

Bigger Joy Dildo
Bigger Joy Dildo
In Stock
Price PHP1,041.00 Regular price PHP1,735.00

According to the famous American erotic actor penis reverse mold refined, flesh-colored design, appearance and soft, exquisite, delicate, and feel like real skin, can bring you real enjoyment; also has vibration, massage and other effects, for women multiple stimulation, can achieve multiple orgasms.

8" Real Feel Cyberskin...
In Stock
Price PHP1,100.00

Enjoy the "Real Feel" of super-soft, lifelike skin with this incredibly realistic vibe. Made from phthalate-free cyberskin, the squishy material mimics the softness and feel of real skin and feels as natural as you can get.

Eros Fountain
There are not enough products in stock
Price PHP1,150.00

Need a dildo with ejaculation function? Try me!

Anal Dildo Kit
In Stock
Price PHP1,260.00

This series is designed for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Chisa Novelties affectionately called him a muscle exercise device. Use it to improve the sensory organs of your body, make it more sensitive to stimulation.

Eros Fountain Vibe
In Stock
Price PHP1,620.00

Eros Fountain Vibe is a dildo vibrator with ejaculation function!

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Showing 1-15 of 24 item(s)