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Honey Aromatherapy Liquid 5ml
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Price PHP750.00

Let your mind ease into a pleasant state with Honey Aromatherapy Liquid 5ml. A secret stimulating gel that contains jasmine flower extracts.

Jissbon Warming Lubricant 50ml
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Price PHP1,230.00

If you're a fan of intimate pleasure, love a slippery and long lasting love making, then Jissbon Warming Lubricant is the right lube for you. Ignite your passion with this warming lube as it makes sex even better.

Eros Cool Power Stimulation...
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Price PHP1,250.00

Gel stimulating the clitoris and vagina, you'll get an instant sensation and is formulated for excitation after a short massage the clitoris.

Its main features are.

Cold and invigorating for women Excitation immediate effect.

Wet Stuff Ignight 30 grams
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Price PHP1,300.00

An orgasm enhancing cream lubricant. For women and men of all ages. With intimate touch and movement, this blend of exciting sensations can heighten your perception of pleasure and intensify orgasms. 

Intimate Discover Gel - 30ml
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Price PHP1,350.00

Intimate Earth™ wants women and men to take intimacy to the highest level. What better way to accomplish this than to experience a G-Spot Orgasm together?

Intimate Embrace Gel - 30ml
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Price PHP1,350.00

Intimate Organics™ understands that the vagina changes after childbirth.   Often both men and women do not feel the same "embrace or connection" they once experienced. EMBRACE™ Vaginal Tightening Pleasure Gel contains a blend of  certified organic extracts, natural capsicum, sunflower oil, and almond oil.

Intimate Earth Intense Gel-...
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Price PHP1,350.00

For women that need an extra boost. Intense Clitoral Gel has a higher concentration of natural Japanese peppermint than the Gentle Clitoral Gel. It can be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and clitoral stimulation with a toy.

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Showing 1-15 of 15 item(s)