List of products by brand Lylou

Lylou: Breathtaking flirt factor! Bringing a touch of delicate indulgence, this line is a homage to your inner diva. Lylou cosmetic products are sensual,feminine and sexy. Luxurious, natural care ingredients guarantee quality.

Sparkling Glamour Lotion

Envelops your skin in golden glamour with the sensual scent of Lylou.Luxurious body lotion containing white tea, natural vine leaf extractsand contour-care formula. Apply to whole body, rub in gently.

Body Glamour Spray – Eau de Toilette

A breathtakingly racy fragrance, sensual and warm at the same time foradded flirt factor. Its luxurious, gold glamour provides the perfect preparationfor those erotic moments. Shake the flacon before use, sprayliberally over body.

Kissabl e Glamour Cream - for nipples and lips

Glamour Cream with a seductive, luxurious gold shimmer makesyour nipples and lips shine sensuously. With natural grape seed oil,vitamin E and cocoa butter. Apply to nipples or lips and rub in gently.

Cream of Desire - warming

An exciting, thrilling and pleasantly warming cream with care ingredients formore intense lust in your intimate zones. High-quality erotic and body-careingredients, including natural extract of vine leaves, bisabolole, panthenoleand natural liquorice root extract. Apply a small amount to intimate bodyareas, rub in gently and savour the intense arousal.

Cream of Desire - cooling

Provocative erotic cooling cream with skin-care ingredients to promoteincreased passion in your intimate areas. Contains high-quality erotic andskin-care ingredients, including natural mint, natural extract of vine leaves,bisabolole, panthenole and natural liquorice root extract. Apply a smallamount to intimate areas, rub in gently and enjoy intense levels of lust.

Kissabl e Massage Gel - Warming

Erotically warming massage gel, seductively scented aroma variationsfor ecstatic amorous play with your partner. Also apply as lubricant. Blowgently on those places where the gel has been rubbed in, creating an eroticallyheightened feeling of warmth. High-quality erotic and natural skincareingredients, including natural extract of vine leaves and panthenole.Rub into the skin gently: blow to savour the erotic feeling of warmth.

Lubricant - silicone based

Sumptuous lubricant: colourless, tasteless, specially designed for demandingwomen with sensitive skin. Oil-free, unscented, without preservatives,non-sticky, gives skin a soft, velvety touch. Contains aloe vera andvitamin E. Extremely economical with long-lasting lubrication effect. WithCE mark, licensed as a medical product. Apply to intimate areas of body .

Lubricant - water based

Indulgent lubricant: colourless and tasteless water-based lubricant speciallydesigned for demanding women. Luxurious formulation, oil-free andunscented, very economical and smooth, non-sticky. Contains aloe vera,and panthenol. Suitable for use with latex condoms. With CE mark, licensedas a medical product. Apply to intimate areas of body and togetherwith erotic toys.


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