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India God Oil Spray
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These India God Oil Spray is a delayer spray and helps reduce sensitivity. Use it and maximize your full potentials in love making. It guarantee push you to the limit.

EROS Prolong 101 (30ml)
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Price PHP950.00

EROS 101 Prolong delays the male orgasm, thus extending sexual intercourse. As it does not cause a loss of the sensation, couples can enjoy more time discovering new positions. This product works on the basis of natural plant extracts.

Nomi Tang PROLONG - 30ml
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Price PHP980.00

Nomi Tang – Prolong ensures long-lasting fun during love-play. The care spray makes sexual intercourse an even more intense experience and keeps the penis supple, without loss of sensation. Nomi Tang – Prolong refreshes the body and has been dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane tolerance.?

Eros Extended Love (Top...
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Price PHP1,050.00

Introducing the long lasting Medical water-based lubricant by Eros, Extended Love Glide, at their highest grade – Top Level 3. Care substances pamper and refresh the body, without loss of sensation. The fat-free lubricant leaves no sticky traces on the skin and is suitable for use with latex condoms.

Eros 100% Delay Power...
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Price PHP1,250.00

Eros Delay Power Concentrate is a delay gel for men that has no numbing ingredients. After applying to the penis, it forms an invisible film that reduces sensitivity and can help prevent premature ejaculation. Apply the gel evenly on your glans penis and let it dry to form a thin invisible film. No washing requires.

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