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SASSY Anal Beads
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Price PHP260.00

An exciting pleasure will be brought to by this 10 beaded anal stimulator again and again. Safe and hygienic, you can even share it with a friend. It's will be much better to apply your preferred lube on it before using.

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14.2" Psyche's Premium Anal...
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Price PHP450.00

Discover the thrill of anal beads when worn during sex with Psyche's Premium Anal Beads. Use this during foreplay and masturbation and intensify pleasure when removed during climax.

Bendy Twist
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Price PHP460.00

Perfect sex toys for erotic stimulation of the vagina and anus. It has a unique design that is suit for both sexes . Make you happy everyday.

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10.5" Psyche's Premium Anal...
In Stock
Price PHP480.00

When it comes to the wild world of anal play, anal beads are a great place to start. Many options are specifically designed for beginners, and they have the benefit of being relatively simple, but they deliver powerful results.

5.9" Elite Lover's Beads -...
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Price PHP510.00

The Elite Lover’s Beads have a tapered tip of .5” to ease entry before gradually expanding to 1”. The flexible shaft bends with your body’s contours to hit just the right spot, while the sturdy heart-shaped handle offers safe and easy handling. 

Heart Booty Beads
In Stock
Price PHP530.00

Heart Booty Beads is a thrilling ride all the way as you insert successively larger beads into your anus until they're gyrating against your prostate. It's a perfect prostate massager for the amateurs as well as the experts.

10" Silicone Bendy Beads
In Stock
Price PHP810.00

Silicone Beads continue the spirit of Chisa Novelties Luxe line. Sensuous to the touch with a smooth satin finish, Silicone Beads are 9.7 inches with 8.25 inches of accessible play. Silicone Beads feature a diamond taper for ease of insertion with an alternating pattern of smooth beads for erotic variety. Made of pure body safe silicone,

Pretty Love Rupert
In Stock
Price PHP950.00

Made of ultra-silicone, due to the unusual shape can deliver a previously unexplored shades of enjoyment.

Vibrating DistortionX
There are not enough products in stock
Price PHP1,100.00

A strong, bendable and perky weapon for a girl who's looking for some action. Made of skin-safe material and with different funsction vibration to provide you intense pleasure.

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Showing 1-15 of 18 item(s)