Frequently Asked Question

1. Why should I buy at LOVECORNER.PH instead of other websites?

  1. We are only selling brands with safe materials to our customer.
  2. We have a good and friendly customer service ready to help 9 hours a day from 9am - 6pm, 7 days a week except regular holidays.
  3. We are selling a wide selection of sex toys for both male and female gender. It's very easy to browse and find what you're looking for because of the website's proper maintenance and user friendly tools.

2. Are lovecorner's deliveries discreet and well packed?

  1. We packed each and every items with gift wrappers before putting it in a box or colored plastics so no one will see what's inside even the people who carry the deliveries.  The receipts contain the customers information only and the item codes. The name of the shop is changed to ONLINE SHOP only.

3. Are there any hidden charges aside from the price of the unit i ordered?

  1. None other than the 100 for expedite provincial deliveries. Provincial deliveries with free shipping may take 3-5 business days. Minimum order per delivery is 500. Orders below 500 will also incur a processing fee of 100 aside from the 100 COD charge and expedite delivery fee.

4. What are the delivery options of LOVECORNER.PH?


5. What are Lovecorner's payment options?

  1. Bankwire- which can be done by the customers depositing their payments through our bank accounts
  2. BC Escolta Manila / Palawan LRT Carriedo Manila / ML LRT Carriedo Manila/ Cebuana Carlos Palanca / WU Quezon Blvd. / JRS Escolta Manila - by indicating the name  MARIEN ORINES BAPTISTA.
  3. Paypal ([email protected]) / Credit Card

6. How will I pay if I'm outside the country?

  1. You can use your Credit Card in paying from outside the country, if you don't want to send via remmitance centers. You should register 1st then select paypal as your payment option. Take Note: Our system does not accept foreign cards yet, so if your credit card is not issued in any banks from the Phil., your order process will not push through. It is recommended that you must have an official Paypal account and transfer the payment to our Paypal e-mail [email protected]

7. Are there any discounts being offered to loyal customers?

  1. We have a loyalty program wherein a customer can earn 1 loyalty point from every P10 on his purchase. (1 pt. is equal to PHP1.00(10% Cash Back). These points will be generated as a discount voucher that a cust. can use for future orders. Pls. take note that your loyalty points will expire after 4 months upon purchase.

Note: Please be informed that you can only choose one promo for every single transaction. 

8. Do you accept franchise/wholesale?

  1. Yes we do! As requested by our valued customers, is now accepting wholesale on Sex Toys / Adult Toys. For more information, pls. contact our online and contact nos.

9. Can I order Out of Stock?

  1. For pre-order of any sold out items, please contact our cust. service and leave an active no. so they can notify you when it's already available.
  2. Because of the rapid increase of orders,'s stocks are moving fast, but we replenish every 2 months.

10. I can't seem to find the product I'm looking for, do you accept pre-order?

  1. Yes, if you can't find the Sex Toys/Adult Toys you're looking for, just email us the picture of the item,brand and specs. We will send you a quotation of the Sex Toys/Adult Toys and how long will it take. Pre-order usually takes 21-30days.

Note: Not all pre-orders can be processed, but our cust. service will inform you ahead.

11. I can't pay thru paypal! I'm in abroad.

  1. Paypal won't process a payment if the billing address is international or if the billing and shipping addresses are of different countries. You can instead use your official paypal account and manually transfer the fund to [email protected], and contact our customer service. or
  2. To use your foreign credit card, you must place the order online and select Paypal as the payment option. You also need to use your credit card's billing address as the BILLING and SHIPPING address for the order.
  3. You may just indicate the real shipping address through this e-mail - [email protected] or at the message box upon check out.

 12. The page goes back to the fill up page everytime I try to place an order.

  1. You need to clear your history and cache incase you encounter this kind of problem. Or you may also need to use another browser like google chome or firefox.

13. Warranty

  1. After every purchase from, customers agree to our warranty terms and conditions. Lovecorner provides 1 month warranty for each and every unused items. For sanitation purposes, does not replace used products. Lovecorner do not replace items  of customers who just had a change of mind and items refused by customer's receiver. Only products with factory defect will be replaced. Customers agree to "no refund terms" upon purchase of items from