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What are Lubricants?
23 Nov

“Lubricants” can help overcome dryness, make penetration easier and prevent discomfort from friction, as well as be used all over your body in a smooth and sensual massage or for a blow job or a hand job - or some added slick and gentle sensation during cunnilingus…

If you’re shy about introducing lube to your partner, choose one coming in a small and pretty bottle! “Got this from a friend and really want to try it with you.” All boys like women who want to enjoy sex more… and if you want to try it with your girlfriend say “I’m gonna make you feel better…” no woman can resist an extra gentle caress.

What kinds of lubes are available?

1. Water-Based Lubricant

A simple lubricant made with water. It's slightly slick but will dry up given some time. Safe and easy to cleanup. There are all natural organic lubricant available as well.

2. Silicone-Based Lubricant

Longer lasting than water-based lubes. Usually made with silicone which is also used in hair conditioners or softeners, silicone-based lube is suitable for anal sex. It's also popular because they are safe to use with all condoms and any latex products. On top of that, it's water-proof, so it works even in the shower! In the bedroom, it might be a good idea to use a towel over the bed sheet since silicone lube can be quite difficult to remove from fabrics.

3. Flavoured Lubricant

Water-based lubes with various flavours. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla... Using food grade flavour, they're kissable and safe to lick. Perfect for foreplay. They usually contain glycerin or sugar so it should not be used inside the vagina or anus.

4. Warming & Cooling Lubricant

Water-based lube with warming or cooling sensation. Once it's on the skin, you can instantly feel the sensation. These are for those moments when you crave a bit of extra stimulation.

5. Oil-Based Lubricant, Massage Candle

They are not recommended for sexual intercourse because oil-based lube can spoil latex condoms and so might increase the risk of bacterial or other infections. However, they’re great for giving a massage. Candle types can have special aromas for a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

How can I choose a lube?

For newbies, water-based lubricants are probably the safest choice. If you have vaginal problems such as some kind of an itch or a yeast infection, avoid those with glycerin or sugar (they might make it worse!). Organic lubes and lubes specially made for women are recommended.

When you use lube with a love toy, you have to be careful with its material. Silicone-based lubes can damage the surface of toys made of silicone (quality toys usually recommend the best kind of lube).

Think about where and how you want to use the lube. Try different kinds for your special fantasies and find the lube that works for you!