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Usage: Open the lid, put the liquid on the skin. 
Cleaning method: This product is water soluble lubricants can rinse with water.


After use, wash with warm water or soap, etc.. When there is injury, swelling, eczema and other skin abnormalities, do not use.

Please stop using when abnormal skin and seek medical advice. 
In case your eyes, immediately rinse with fresh water. 
When used in the bathroom, easy to slip, please note. 
Avoid direct sunlight environment, keeping in the shadows, use as soon as possible after opening. 
Keep out of the reach of children.



[SOD lubricating jelly desire (white) emollient moisturizing SODL-001 180g]

Moist, fresh and good touch! Lubrication without drawing fresh gel. 
It's moist and sticky so that you no longer worry.

emotion long-lasting moist! Ultra-lubricated!



[SOD lubricating jelly laser (red) continued to slip type SODL-002 180g]

Super smooth feel! 
Easy to dry, continuous and smooth! 
After use, skin contact with the skin's ultimate smoothness. 
The maximum experience from start to finish.

creation long-lasting moist! Department of thick thick slippery lubricant.




[SOD lubricating jelly case (black) adhesion viscous type SODL-003 180g]

Adhesion, sticky new experience! 
Four of the most viscous, like natto like drawing! 
Like tender skin adhesion sense, combined with the lubrication jelly! 
Incredibly wonderful feeling!

passion not sticky, easy to clean! Stimulate distinctive, refreshing lubricants.



[SOD lubricating jelly Fun (pink) lasting hold type SODL-004 180g]

Endure beyond imagination! 
No matter how long it is always water of Wet! 
Ultra-long continuous enjoyment!

long vacation lasting hold! Ultra Hydra!



4 kinds of lubricants with different characteristics. 
Different lubricants, the use of flu will be changed dramatically. 
Please choose according to their own preferences.