Tenga Flip-Air Lotion - 75ml FAL-001


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Good ductility oil, even a small amount can be obtained using a silky effect, it will not affect the internal structure of the excitement, FLIP-AIR pleasure can get 100% experience

After use, wash with warm water or soap, etc.. 
When there is injury, swelling, eczema and other skin abnormalities, do not use. 
Please stop using when abnormal skin and seek medical advice. 
In case your eyes, immediately rinse with fresh water. 
When used in the bathroom, easy to slip, please note. 
Avoid direct sunlight environment, keeping in the shadows, use as soon as possible after opening. 
Keep out of the reach of children.

The push faucet lets you easily control the amount of lubricant you use. We recommend 5 pushes.With the easy - to - spread lubricant,you can enjoy a smooth glide with only a small amount, meaning it won’t dull each interior detail,providing stimulus like it was designed to give - every time.

- Wash thoroughly after use with warm water and soap.
- Avoid use when skin is damaged or not in good condition.
- If irritation occurs on skin, stop use immediately and consult a doctor.
- If contact with eye occurs, wash eye with clean water immediately.
- If using in a bath, please be careful of any slippery surfaces you may be standing on.
- Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a dark place, and use immediately after opened.
- Keep out of the reach of children.


Different colors, white and black have how different?

Is to make FLIP-AIR products to get the maximum pleasure to play, is designed for white and black models respective special lubricants 
FLIP-AIR LOTION FOR MELTY WHITE feature is smooth and strong sense of flow. 
FLIP-LITE LOTION FOR SOLD BLACK is characterized by a distinct sense of hardcore.

FLIP-AIR lubricants can also be used as a lubricant during intercourse it?

Yaxin lubricants are harmless components (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. to use, can also be used during intercourse.If abnormal, immediately seek medical attention.

How many times can one use?

1 to press five times lower usage for moderation, you can use about 15 times. 
Press 1 is approximately 1ml. 
※ FLIP-AIR oil painting, it is recommended in the open state of the left and right by two, and then closed, after closing the entrance to the press in a plug.

Storage method, storage at room temperature, can it?

Without any problems. But should avoid high temperature and humidity, direct sunlight. 
※ placed under direct sunlight for a long time, it may cause the lubricant due to ultraviolet yellowing or viscosity decreases, but does not affect use. 
After opening, please use as soon as possible. Because there may be due as a result of mixed bacterial spoilage.

What ingredients are? Placed in the mouth can it?

Using harmless ingredients, placed in the mouth is not a problem. 
※ When the skin is abnormal, stop using them immediately and seek medical attention immediately.

Composition as shown below.

water, glycerin, PG, sodium polyacrylate, EDTA-2Na and other 
water, glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium polyacrylate, etc.

On a white models FLIP-AIR, the use of black models lubricants can it? You can also do the opposite?

FLIP-AIR with the MELTY WHITE FLIP-AIR LOTION For MELTY WHITE use, FLIP-AIR LOTION For SOLID BLACK using FLIP-AIR with the SOLID BLACK, is their special design. However, if according to the user's own preferences, anti is no