Tenga Rolling Head Hard TOC-103H


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A tighter, stronger rolling stimulation

While maintaining the same characteristics as it's Standard model, this one is made of harder materials for those seeking a "stronger" sensation. The new materials allow for a firmer, tighter grip and increased stimuli. Enjoy this new stronger, tighter experience!

 Internal structure

All goods are made of a soft, moist touch of [smooth pad]. At the same time prevent oil leakage due to improving the airtightness, the vacuum force is also greatly improved.Characterized by a sense of slippery insertion and use of simplicity

TENGA cup can be used repeatedly it?

TENGA cups used once only. Regardless of whether ejaculation inside, from the health considerations, repeated use is not recommended. 
And, in order to make TENGA can get more comfortable, recommended not to use condoms, used directly. 
Reusable products in there FLIP HOLE and FLIP LITE series.

Make insertion difficult due to tight beginning of it?

Close to the upper end of the cup after sticker peeled off, and then insert. 
Construction TENGA Cup series is peeled off stickers after use, so that the air inside and out, so the insertion becomes very smoothly.

Use of the holes is not clear

Plug the holes with your fingers or let go, you can adjust the vacuum. 
First, prior to use, the top of the silver paste stickers torn off after insertion. 
Inserted into the deepest, with a finger to block the pores, and then out, then you can make an internal colloid sucking wound. 
Then adjusted according to your preferences vacuum sense obtained so far have not experienced the thrill.

Insert orofacial TENGA Cup series products have little cut marks, whether affect?

Internal TENGA Cup series is sealed after insertion in the end, ran out of air, there is no place. 
Accordingly, because the surface of the insertion port to allow air to run out for the purpose of an air hole cut out in advance. 
Use without any problems, please rest assured that use.

Cavernous body does not require removing the insertion port on it?

Do not have to take down, directly into the can.

Many types of TENGA Cup series, in addition to the appearance of different there are other differences do?

Different shapes, it can experience a different feeling in use. Also, different colors have different "Red = STANDARD" "White = SOFT" "Black = HARD" features. Stimulate a strong sense of love for the selection of black models, like the excitement for the selection of the weak white models.

TENGA Cup series is electric it?

Non-electric. Depending on your own preferences can freely play with it.

The high price of commodities is more comfortable with it?

Each of the sense points are not the same, are very sensitive areas. Preferences also vary widely. Not a high price on the comfortable, low price is not comfortable.

USTENGA is the size of the crowd for the big product?

USTENGA groups corresponding large size product, the size of 18.5cm or less, can be inserted at the terminus. 
Also, the general size of the person, but also to bring this product to experience a strong sense of vacuum.

About TENGA Cup series of safety and health.

TENGA Cup series products based on the premise without a condom design, with particular emphasis on safety and health aspects. 
Safety, does not contain any PVC material inside the human body and other substances that may affect. 
For lubricating the inside, using only the raw material have been identified as safe.

How should discard TENGA Cup series as well?

TENGA Cup series [plastic], the classification of the various autonomous bodies are different, there are "flammable", "non-combustible" "plastic container", etc. 
Make sure the garbage detailed provisions residence.

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