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How to Use a Vibrator: A Guide to Masturbation
05 Oct

So, you're thinking about trying a vibrator.. but you're not sure what to get, or what to do with it when you have it. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Since everyone is different, use this as a starting place to discover what works best for you.

Don't be afraid to use them!

1. Set the mood.

Ensure that you have some privacy and time. Find yourself a comfortable space free of people, technology, or things that might interrupt. Indulge in the little things that generally get you "in the mood"; music, dim lights, sexy lingerie, chocolates – whatever you need to begin feeling sexy and safe.

2. Begin manually.

Warm up your erogenous zones with your own fingers. Not only will this smooth your transition to the more intense buzzing of a vibrator, but it will also re-familiarize you with your personal place. Pinpoint your clitoris, map out your vulva lips, explore your vagina – re-discover what feels good.

3. Do a vibrator test-run.

Before allowing contact between your sensitive areas and your toy, run your vibrator through its paces. If it has multiple speeds/settings, allow it to rest on each level for a few seconds, familiarizing yourself with the different feels and sounds they each inspire, perhaps allowing the vibrator to buzz against your hand as a first step.

4. Establish preliminary contact.

On the lowest speed, slowly allow your vibrator to head towards more responsive place of your body, whether it is your inner thighs or your vaginal lips. Get comfortable with this feeling before gently guiding the toy to explore different areas.

5. Work towards clitoral orgasms.

If you are comfortable with continuing an external exploration of your erogenous zones you can experiment with changing the setting/speed of your toy while applying pressures to your clitoris and allowing arousal to build. Remember to relax, breathe and relish in the sensations and power of your body.

6. Introduce internal vibrations.

Otherwise, you can allow the vibrator to slip inside your vagina, simulating sexual intercourse. Return to your vibrator's lowest setting and insert the tip into your vagina slowly, never pushing so far that you feel uncomfortable or lose your grip on the toy. Experiment by moving the vibrator in and out, locate your G-spot, and don't forget about your clitoris in the meanwhile. Take the time you need to stimulate all of your erogenous zones, build arousal and test what feels best to you.