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Vaginal Tightness
23 Nov

I'm I loose or tight?

Vaginal tightness

You may have heard that sex is immensely better if you have a tight vagina. Or may have hit on questions such as “How can I tell whether or not/how tight I am?”, “What is the difference between being tight and loose?”, or ”How snug does my partner find my vagina?”

Knowing yourself well to begin with.

Have you ever had a good look at your own delicate part, the female genital area? Unlike men, whose exterior sexual organs are easily seen, you may need to use a mirror to examine yourself. Upon examination, you will find out various things: The location of the entrance, the clitoris and its hood, variations of color, size, etc. 
Watching these parts of yourself is a good start to developing a feeling for who you would like to be in intercourse with your partner.

Are vagina and womb purely muscular organs?

The vagina and womb are largely muscular organ that also contain many blood vessels to warm and supply them. Generally speaking, childbirth is said to loosen the vagina. This is not because the birth canal has been stretched but because the muscles have stretched and now don’t contract properly. The same is applicable to the abdominal muscles, which tend to loosen after childbirth. Gastroptosis is likely to come together with a loosened vagina. These days, girls prefer to be slender to look good; however, slim bodies mean thinner and weaker muscles, and can result in gastroptosis. Women experiencing gastroptosis often suffer from leakage of urine and worry about less vaginal pressure and a loose vagina.

Exercise to tighten your vagina

"Kegel exercise" is often suggested by gynecologists for women to reduce urinary incontinence after childbirth. In the following, we will introduce a vaginal training which will get your orgasm more easily, get your body more sensitive, and increase your womanly attractiveness.

Women who have difficulty to get an orgasm, tend to have less awareness of own vagina. And usually they hold back unconsciously because of nervousness or awkwardness. Vaginal exercise is to get awareness of how muscles contract during an orgasm. "I can be wet more easily""I can get orgasm inside""it feels more like 'one body'." When you manage to control it, your sensitivity will be improved. Thus, you will obtain a body which can feel sexual pleasure better.

Vaginal exercise helps to make your vaginal muscles stronger. This way, you can hold your partner's penis tighter, and he can feel you better. Moreover, men are usually aroused when they sees their partner getting sensitive, active and get an orgasm. Such a change will satisfy you and him.

Since it's introduced as an exercise after child birth, there's many other benefits. Urinary incontinence, pelvic prolapse, or most noticeably, for the menstruation. It will reduce menstruation pain, and some women are able to control the blood discharge. Also, training pelvic muscles improves the circulation of blood surrounding the genital. This activates the secretion of female hormone and can possibly achieve skin improvement or help slimming up the lower body.

First thing first....

The first thing to achieve vaginal tightness is to maintain the right standing posture, with the backbone straight and compressed belly and hip muscles. Also when sitting down, be aware of having your hips pressed together and maintain straight posture to avoid developing a humpback. Attention to posture will make a difference for those who have weak abdominal muscles.

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